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The new Zealand team was completely encircled by the Chinese Taipei team just after the Maori war dance.

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【Rancho Cucamonga】Sharing economy in China: landing, taking root, sailing out to sea

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Russian tanks two items on the 3rd, China's second car group 96b took the first place in the group again

Apple co-founder wozniak: proud of apple's market value exceeding 1 trillion

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We are a happy family of four walking arm in arm on the way back, warm atmosphere coming, these days all sorts of repressed anguish in their hearts also dissipate away, back to the moment I seem to go back to those happy childhood innocence .. Zhang Bo remembered the days ... street song[Santa Clarita]


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Xia Jing Ming led to so few people came to the river to open a second detention center city, to see Wu Xintao and Wang Song, Fang Liuqing when, unknowingly surprise. This trio hair and beard like weeds in a trance, confusion, thirty-somethings like three old man. [Lubbock]

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Rain harder and harder, the role of an umbrella, just above the chest can not make the rain; waves of wind hit, suddenly poured them into his mouth, let simmer in the chest half-rates do not spit out, than to be hard something choked also uncomfortable.[Saint Paul]

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